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The Artivive NFT

Become an exclusive member of our community, enjoy the various benefits of our Gen-1 NFTs, & gain insider access to future collections.

Artivive NFT Benefits

The Artivive NFTs grants the holder access to exclusive events, benefits, & AR art.
Become a part of the 185,000+ strong Artivive Community.

Holders of 1 NFTsicon

  • Free download of the high-resolution Artwork
    You will be able to print and enjoy your NFT Artwork however you wish to do so
  • Access to the third-largest Augmented Reality Community in the world
    Via our exclusive Discord Channel & online Events
  • Surprise rewards (i.e.: discount for printed artworks & workshops)

Holders of 3 NFTsicon

  • in addition to Holders of 1NFT
  • Early access to all Artivive NFT collections - potentially auto-WL
  • Discounted access to limited workshops, events & exhibitions

Holders of 5 NFTsicon

  • in addition to Holders of 3NFTs
  • Discounts for all events, workshops and exhibitions
  • Private showings (before the release) of upcoming art collections with the artists
  • Exclusive content from the artist (explaining influences, process, behind-the-scenes, etc.)
  • Access to the Marketplace subscription
  • VIP access to whitelists and auctions

Holder of >5 NFTsicon

  • in addition to Holders of 5NFTs
  • Exclusive private calls/meetings with the NFT Artists
  • More TBA

Artworks from our community

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Get The­ Artivive App

The intuitive app uses augmented reality to tap into new dimensions, allowing you to connect with art on a deeper level.


1. Install the Artivive app


2. View the artwork through your smartphone


Q1 2022

Phase 1

Onboarding Artists From Web2 to Web3

In addition to introducing break-through AR technology for NFT creators and collectors, Artivive is onboarding its currently 185.000+ AR artists, as well as traditional collectors, reputable institutions, and top universities (UC Berkeley, MIT, NYU, Lasalle Singapore, Angewandte Vienna, etc) into Web3
Q2 2022

Phase 2

Build our Web3 Community and Identity

Once we onboarded the existing community, we share our projects and success story with the web3 community.
Q4 2022

Phase 3

Introduction of
Artivive NFT

Launch of Artivive NFT a collection of 2000 pieces. The NFT is designed to be enjoyed as AR art and as a utility when staked in tiers. When staked, access to a myriad of benefits are opened within the current & developing Artivive ecosystem.
Q1 2023

Phase 4

Introduction & Growth of AR NFT Collections with Artists

Artivive will present new AR NFT Collections in collaboration with famous artists. Owners have then the possibility to print the purchased art out and transform it into tangible goods.
Q4 2023

Phase 5

Launch of the World’s First AR NFT Marketplace

Create, mint and sell with the click of a button. Now creators can sell their 1/1 through our primary sales Marketplace. Gamify discovery of ART creasing engagement and rewarding active community members Wearables - NFT printing available exclusively to holders
Q1 2024

Phase 6


After the successful implementation of the first course of Member Pass NFTs, and our first AR NFT Collections, Artivive will focus on continuing to onboard new AR artists into the Solana NFT Space. This will create a constant stream of new collections, from new and old creators.


What is Artivive?

Why Launch an NFT collection?

Why the Solana BlockChain?

What’s the supply?

What’s the benefit of holding an NFT?



Sergiu Ardelean

Co-Founder, CEO

Codin Popescu

Co-Founder, CEO

Joachim Ringsmuth


Clemens Sengwein

Head of Blockchain &
NFT Management

Stephan Leeb

Senior Product Manager

Lia Mladenova

Senior Community Manager

Ines Lengauer

Senior Sales Manager

Brenda Basner

Community Manager

Hannah Dardis

Social Media Manager



Our projects

Bayerische Staatsoper

The Canadian artist Scorpion Dagger (James Kerr) uses classic Renaissance art and transforms it into clips that play with the contrast between history and modernity.

T-Rex Mural by Nychos

We brought the T-Rex mural by famous street artist NYCHOS to life in Oakland!

Famous Artworks Augmented

The Museums from Paris gave full access to over 150,000 artworks for the world to use for free. We want to take this opportunity and make something amazing together.

A New Poster Movement

Animated posters create a new narrative space: typography and images break their bidimensional boundaries and start moving in the space of the viewer.


How do AR, VR, and MR collide with our RR (Real Reality)? The group art exhibition reflects on our perception of reality.


The GerillAR art project is redefining the concept of a poster by using modern technology (AR).
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Try it out

Get The­ Artivive App

The intuitive app uses augmented reality to tap into new dimensions, allowing you to connect with art on a deeper level.


1. Install the Artivive app


2. View the artwork through your smartphone

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